Sod Maker™ Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Sod Maker™ Blend sets up a Kentucky Bluegrass garden of sod quality from seed. Use to make another grass or to enhance a current yard into “sod-like” quality. Contains enhanced Kentucky Bluegrass developed by sod cultivators over the USA. Visit our sods st. john’s Seeding Aide for finish bearings.

Key item includes:

– Sod quality bluegrass blend for repairing sodded yards

– Enhanced bluegrasses – better dry season and sickness protection

– Overhauls thin turf to a thick dull green grass

– similar bluegrasses planted by sod producers over the USA

– Grows in 14-21 days

At the point when to apply:

At the point when the dirt temperature achieves 55° (Walk mid June or August-October)

Step by step instructions to apply:

Visit our Seeding Aide for finish headings

Item Name

This item is accessible in the accompanying sack sizes:

1 lb. (1600 sq. ft.)

3 lb. (4800 sq. ft.)

25 lb. (40000 sq. ft.)

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Spreader Settings

The spreader settings recorded are rough. Spreader condition, rate of walk, and dampness are only a portion of the factors that can influence the rate of utilization. Kindly allude to the item name connect on this page, or the back of the sack, for additionally subtle elements alongside application rates and preparatory articulations. You may need to modify settings for legitimate scope if conditions depicted on the mark are material. In all cases, the client should read and take after name directions before applying any item, and accepts all accountability when utilizing this spreader settings apparatus.

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