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These supposed ‘authorized moneylender’ are getting around searching for clients to trick and swindle. The way that they were NOT even lisenced moneylender yet they are ‘unlawful moneylender’ (ahlong). They utilizes a duplicate glue strategy for lawful moneylender lisence enlistment number issued by MAS and furthermore duplicate glue lawful moneylending compamy site URL all around Singapore imagining that they were lisenced moneylenders.

The story started when my nearest cousin, which named is to be classified, attempted to advance from this purported “legitimate lisenced moneylender” which my cousin accepted and accepted to be LEGAL and LEGIT.

She began by whatsapping this “legitimate moneylender” requesting a credit, Licensed Moneylender Singapore after she saw the post on Facebook work searcher gathering. Following couple of minutes after the fact, this “lawful moneylender” answer by sending her supposed “application shape” to fill. Decisively, my cousin filled in each and every points of interest of her specific including the measure of credit she required. Following couple of minutes, this “lawful moneylender” answer by soliciting her to send a shot from her NRIC front and back photographs. Also, once more, obscure cousin of mine didn’t even hasitate to gave them. After this “lawful moneylender” got it, he answer that he is sending the application frame and photograph of my cousin NRIC to the “workplace” and to the favoring division amd process will be around 1 hour as specified by him. So carefree well my cousin cheerfully sat tight for their react.

1hours or more later, this “legitimate moneylender” send my cousin an answer that her credit was affirmed and furthermore expressed the regularly scheduled installment and premium and so on; (which my cousin didn’t intricate to me in points of interest). So my cousin joyfully acknowledged the offer.

Couple of minutes after the fact, a PRIVATE NUMBER called my cousin and she addressed the call. It was from the workplace of purported “legitimate moneylender organization”. On the telephone, that “lawful moneylender” tended to himself from ‘BEST CREDIT’ and told my cousin verbally their supposed “enrolled lisenced number”. Decisively, my cousin tuned in to what the “workplace man” need to state.

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