Get the situation of any piece of a 4D Write Pro archive

4D Write Pro is constantly developing; because of the new highlights and functionalities we’re shipping with each R-discharge. A universe of potential outcomes is totally open! Today, on account of another order, you can get an arrangement of data about the area of any component inside your records.

Five DATA POINTS immediately

Another summon, committed to 4D Write Pro is presently accessible: WP Get position. Given a particular range, component, or reference, this charge restores a question variable with five critical information focuses on the double: the segment number where the range starts, the page number, the segment number, the line number, and even the situation of the main character of the range in the line!

This component will enable you to effortlessly produce your archives by programming. For example, applying complex standards like “Set the text styles of the considerable number of sections of page 3 in Arial 18pt” or “Make a list in light of the bookmarks on the last page”, should now be possible in only a couple of lines of code. It’s a breeze!

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