Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series player ring could be yours for $10

Offspring fans have been gobbling up their own particular title rings, and the most costly form sold out Friday morning.

A delegate of ring maker Jostens told Inc. that offers of Cubs-related adornments have dramatically increased that of any past World Series victor following one week available. Players got their official rings, made by Jostens with 108 jewels and different pearls and introduced to them by 20 fans, 2016 Chicago Cubs FAN ring for sell on April 12. Fan rings were offered that day online at the Cubs accomplice’s store at the Park at Wrigley.

“There is an importance to this title,” said Chris Poitras, VP of Jostens’ school and games division. “That has truly been something that has permitted fans — in that group as well as around the United States — to celebrate with some extraordinary things. What’s more, the ring and the adornments bit of it has been extraordinary.”

A great many people have obtained the $499 choice ring in either 10-karat white gold or sterling silver. The best ring, which goes for $10,800 and incorporates 144 precious stones, 55 sapphires and 13 rubies, was recorded as sold out on Jostens’ site Friday. Just 108 of those were made.

Jostens made a similar number of ring-top pendants (basically, the crown of the “108” ring joined to a 18-inch chain) at a similar cost, and around 25 were left late Friday evening, Poitras said. “Deals are genuinely lively on that.”

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