Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 7-8 Review

This show has been a crazy ride of feelings, with hair-raising circles and spine-chilling drops which leaves the watcher immersed in energy in foresight of the forthcoming turns. It is a greatly elegantly composed story, with tension and excite joined with the correct measures of dramatization, feelings and sentiment. Hamza, who is overpowered with blame, goes to Khadeeja’s home requesting absolution as well as a reasonable discipline, and properly, Khadeeja proposes that Hamza wed Kinza. Much the same as a week ago’s scenes had a place with Saba Hameed, Nadia Khan and Sonya Hussyn, the current week’s scenes were commanded by Sami Khan and he investigated every possibility to convey his best. The current week’s scene raised another issue that maybe has never been transparently discussed in Pakistani Dramas yet is considerably more typical than we understand.

Hamza’s distress, gloom and disarray was all around portrayed, and Sami Khan gave an impeccable execution delineating each feeling with exactness, making Hamza as convincing as could be expected under the circumstances. The vulnerability he felt when Khadeeja proposed for Kinza was evident, and we didn’t require discoursed to comprehend the aversion and the apprehensions he felt about the circumstance. In spite of the fact that, his companion recommended him to leave the nation like a weakling, much the same as his dad had, he at last chose to not flee, and confront the truth like a genuine man. We knew, as a crowd of people that he would not, but rather the scenes paving the way to it were nail-gnawing all things considered and kept us engaged all through.

As I would like to think, Khadeeja settled on the right choice for Kinza, in light of the fact that she realizes that with the present circumstance, no man would consent to wed a lady who is separated, Aisi Hai Tanhai has a past and whose sister is all the rage. It would not be unimaginable, but rather exceptionally troublesome, to locate a reasonable accomplice for her, particularly considering the general public we live in. Hamza was the best decision, and Khadeeja just considered her little girl’s welfare, similar to some other mother would. Kinza, reluctantly consented to wed Hamza as well, yet loathes him profoundly since she points the finger at him for everything that happened to Pakeeza. Both Saba Hameed and Nadia Khan have been extraordinary all through and this scene was no special case.

Hamza’s folks declined to acknowledge Kinza as their little girl in law, which influences me to shake my head with disgrace, that individuals would as a matter of first importance accuse a young lady for something this minor and afterward point the finger at her sister too! What does Kinza need to do with this? What is her blame? Because she is Pakeeza’s sister? Tragically that these things occur in the general public we live in, and influences me to ponder what sort of illustrations these guardians are setting for the up and coming ages.

With every one of these happenings, Pakeeza is still in a condition of obviousness, intubated, on a ventilator, without family next to her, which makes her powerless against all. The janitor at the healing facility, ended up being a degenerate who endeavors to sexually bug Pakeeza various circumstances and from the promos, we can expect that he assaults her also. I am thankful to the author to conveying this fragile theme out to the general population, which is some of the time quiet quieted in Pakistan. Inappropriate behavior of patients at healing facilities is normal, and the most powerless are the ladies, particularly the individuals who are on a ventilator, since that makes them simple access without protection. In the US, there have been numerous such cases two or three decades back, a couple notwithstanding bringing about pregnancies and fortunately it isn’t as regular any longer in US, because of surveillance cameras, screens and low medical caretaker to tolerant proportion of ICU patients. Perhaps Pakistan needs to execute the same?

With this numerous turns and turns, I am envisioning all potential outcomes, and one such is, will Pakeeza’s assault result in a pregnancy? I likewise need to know what part the specialist will play in her life, and in the event that he is identified with her or not? Be that as it may, what I am most anticipating is a romantic tale amongst Hamza and Kinza, on the grounds that both Sami Khan and Nadia Khan share fantastic science and make a charming couple! I need to see Kinza’s abhor change into affection for Hamza, and perhaps this was Allah’s arrangement for them from the start, to meet through Pakeeza. Like I said last time, when Allah takes away something, He gives you better, and who could be superior to Hamza for Kinza? She ought to be appreciative that she disposed of the washout of a spouse, and discovered somebody like Hamza? I trust the author takes us on a sentimental trip, a romantic tale amongst Hamza and Kinza, which will end with a cheerfully a great many!

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